Photo: Ai Weiwei, The Law of the Journey

Ai Weiwei, The Law of the Journey


Headline: Ai Weiwei, The Law of the Journey

Keywords: China, Czech Republic, CTKTOPIX, migration, Ai Weiwei, plastic arts


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Credit: CTK/Vondrous Roman

Source: CTK

Author: Vondrous Roman

Location: CR, Praha

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Capture date: 16.03.2017

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The latest work by Chinese conceptual artist Ai Weiwei, 59, pictured, which will be presented to the public at the National Gallery (NG) in Prague, Czech Republic, March 16, 2017, shows refugees perceived by the Western world as an inhuman mass without their own identity, names and life stories. This installation, a giant inflatable boat with above life-size figures of refugees, entitled "The Law of the Journey", was created exclusively for the NG and displayed in the grand hall of the NG premises in the Veletrzni palace. (CTK Photo/Roman Vondrous)

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